Monday, 10 October 2016

Sharadiya Patrika 1423 (2016) pdf to ebook format

Sharadiya Patrika 1423 ebook pdf

Sharadiya Patrika 1423 (2016) Bangla pdf to ebook format.
Sharadiya Patrika is an extraordinary literature Bangla yearly magazine which is publish every year before Durga Puja. Like previous years, this year it has published with three different tested novels as Bismriti by Krishnendu Mukhopadhyay, Ek Diner Ishwar by Sayantany Puttundu, Brishchik Kal by Suprio Choudhury. And also have many short stories, current affairs, Politics, fashion, Travel, Cinema etc. The ebook pdf has 332 high quality pages, 88mb pdf which presented by amarboi online.
pdf to ebook format Sharadiya Patrika 1423

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from whre can i download dis pdf ?? plz infrm me..

Thanks Sarajit, Click the sentence 'Sharadiya Patrika 1423' on last para, it will open with the mediafire page now download the pdf, very simple.