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Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta Translated Bangla ebook

Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta ebook

Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta Translated Bangla ebook pdf
Jonathan Swift (Born: November 30, 1667 - Death: October 19, 1745) was a famous Anglo-Irish columnist, mock-poetry author and priest. He is remembered as author of world famous English novel 'Gulliver's Travels' in 1726. It has been considered a classic book of English literature. Also 'A Tale of a Tub'(1704), 'A Modest Proposal'(1729) are recognized as unforgettable creation of his. Today I want to share an ebook pdf of his travel stories collection which is translated into Bengali. 351 pages and 21mb file size. Table of contents below.
Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta contents

Bangla ebook Gulliverer Bhramanbrittanta

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