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Khudha- translated by Sourin Nag Bangla ebook

Khudha by Sourin Nag ebook

Khudha (hunger)- translated by Sourin Nag Bangla ebook pdf
Knut Hamsun won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920. He is a Norwegian author and the novel- Khudha (hunger) is unquestionably one of his best novels. With the publication of this novel, the author draws attention to literary-peer readers. This novel first published in 1890, it is a powerful psychological report and has been repeatedly reprinted. The essence of the novel is reality and the structure and layout of the novel is very impressionistic. How a person's character, morality and feeling of life are affected if he do not get food. This Nobel is a great example, really it is an ascension of the literary industry. The book translated into Bangla by Sourin Nag. Ebook pdf has 154 HD pages, 6mb file size.
Bangla ebook pdf Khudha (hunger)

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