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Masik Basumati Rachana Sangraha pdf book

Masik Basumati Rachana Sangraha pdf

Masik Basumati Rachana Sangraha Bangla pdf book
In the contemporary Bengalis life, there was a  remarkable effect of 'Bashumati Patrika'. This magazine has become as a cultural temples of Bengalis by gathering of olden writers, intellectual and many wise persons. Weekly, daily and monthly these three magazines were the favorite of the society. From old editions, it is possible to understand the reason of popularity of this magazine. The reason for the popularity of "Monthly Basumati" can be known from this compilation and can be known many information about this temporal magazine. The ebook pdf has 484 pages, 15mb file size.
Bangla pdf book Masik Basumati Rachana Sangraha

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