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Pakdandi by Lila Majumdar ebook pdf download

Pakdandi by Lila Majumdar ebook

Pakdandi by Lila Majumdar Bangla ebook pdf download
Lila Majumdar is a renowned Indian Bengali children literature. Family background, she was aunty of Satyajit Ray, Sukumar Ray was her cousin (father's brother's son), Upendra Kishor Roy Chowdhury was her father's elder brother. The number of books published by this author is more than one hundred.
The book- Pakdandi is her autobiography book, there are many interesting events of her life such as her childhood in Shilong, activities with Santiniketan and All India Radio, many interesting events of the Roy Chowdhury family and her long journey of Bangla literature has been described in this autobiography book.
Ebook pdf download Pakdandi

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