Ananadabazar Patrika Puja Barshiki 1422 (2015) PDF Flle

Ananadabazar Potrika Puja Barshiki 1422 (2015)
Ananadabazar Potrika Puja Barshiki 1422 (2015) PDF Flle Download.
Ananadabazar Potrika Puja Barshiki is a popular yearly magazine from Anandabazar Patrika news paper. This patrika published from kolkata in India. Mainly this edition came before Durga Puja festival. there are four novels - progyasutra by krishnendu mukhopadhyay, jolbhoirav by supriyo chowdhury, agun pahare puthi by siraj bagchi, swapner charai by prechet gupta. one mythology, four articles. the pdf has 289 hq pages with 77mb file size. You can get this puja edition special magazine as a PDF file from below link-
File size- 77MB
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