Bhoot-Shikari Mejokarta Ebong by Premendra Mitra e-book

Bhoot-Shikari Mejokarta Ebong by Premendra Mitra pdf

free ebook pdf Bhoot-Shikari Mejokarta Ebong by Premendra Mitra.
Premendra Mitra (born 1904 - died 1988) was a Bengali poet, short-story writer, novelist as well as a film director. Ghanada is a popular fiction character of his creation. He was the first Bengali writer who concentrated on writing novels about science fiction and science-based. There are some example of science fiction stories and novels those are written by him are given below-
Short stories- Kalapanir Atale, Duswapner Dwip, Juddh Keno Thamlo, Manusher Protidandi, Light House, Prithibir Satru.
Big story and novels- Pipre Puran, Patale Panch Bachhar, Moydanober Dwip, Surya Jekhane Nil etc.
Today's sharable free ebook pdf is Bhoot-Shikari Mejokarta Ebong. The book have 188 pages, 6mb pdf size.
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