Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1) by Jasim Uddin pdf book free download

Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1) by Jasim Uddin ebook

pdf book free download of  Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1)
Jasim Uddin (1st January 1903 - March 13, 1976) was a very famous Bangla poet, he generally known to all Bengali readers as 'Polli Kabi'. The poet's magnum opus is 'Nakshi Kathar Math', which has been translated into several languages. Now readers can collect an ebook pdf of his written- Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1).There are twenty seven stories in this book and the book has 110 pages, 5mb cline text pdf.
Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1) content

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***Readers also can get Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-2)
Collect the Bengali laughter book as pdf download- 'Bangalir Hasir Golpo (part-1) by Jasim Uddin'


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