Aloukik Shokti by Tipu Kabariya pdf to ebook format

Aloukik Shokti by Tipu ebook
Aloukik Shokti by Tipu Kabariya Bangla pdf to ebook format.
Soudha like to write the horror stories. He wanted, grow up to be a well-known horror writer.He's setting of a story in his mind. Name: Bhoyal Danaber Khappare. Soudha purchased an old typewriter and as a bonus received an old pen. A magician was the owner of the pen and type machine. Soudha wrote the story 'Bhoyal Danaber Khappare' with the pen then he sat down with typewriter. But he do not know about the upcoming terrible danger. Collect pdf and read the horror story book. The ebook pdf has 3mb and 136 excellent quality pages.
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Collect the Bengali supernatural story book as pdf download- 'Aloukik Shokti by Tipu Kabariya'


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