Keu Ekjon by Sumonto Aslam pdf book free download

Keu Ekjon by Sumonto Aslam ebook

Keu Ekjon by Sumonto Aslam pdf book free download.
There are two holes on the wall of my house. The wall on the right hand side of the mother's room. The back side of the wall there is father's room. Two very small holes. Clear seen in the inside of two rooms with the two holes. A day of the week, I am the eyes of both the holes. After just half the night. When everyone falls asleep, during that time. A day of the week, my dad bring a girl to home. Our gatekeeper opens the gate. Dad became drowsy, hand left on her shoulder, He closed the door with sound. The compact lay down in bed, inverted. Another side, sits the mother like prayer. Lift up her two left and Looks forward. Like sitting in front of the Creator. Read the next part of the story from pdf. The story book written by Sumonto Aslam and ebook pdf has 105 pages, 3mb high quality pdf.
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