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Maxim Gorky Shreshtha Galpo ebook

Maxim Gorky Shreshtha Galpo digital book pdf.
The famous Russian novelist Maxim Gorky was born on March 28, 1868 in Russia. 'Maxim Gorky' was his pseudonym, real name was Alexei Maximovich Peshkov. 'Gorky' meaning of the word is bitter and bitterness of truth, always reflected in his writing. In 1898, Gorky's first book, "Essays and Stories" was published. He visited to the United States in 1906 and then he wrote the famous novel 'Mother'. Now I want to share with you a collection book of his written stories. There are nine famous stories in the book, edited by Akktar Husen and the ebook pdf has 129 high quality pages, 5mb pdf size.
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