Tirish Bochorer Sera Bhooter Golpo ebook pdf

Tirish Bochorer Sera Bhooter Golpo ebook

Tirish Bochorer Sera Bhooter Golpo ebook pdf file.
'Ghost story' is the sentence of body tremor. There is more reasonable explanation of the scratch word 'Ghost' but it has immense demand among the readers. However, reading or listening to a Bangla ghost stories, we need a related environment. Winter evening or night or comprehensive rainy season are very nice time for listen a ghost story. Teenager's mind is always trying to find the thrills. They have immense curiosity to every unseen objects. So the supernatural events the ghost story moves easily their minds. 'Children Detective' magazine meets the needs of teenager mind by adding ghost story in their magazine. For the thirty years various famous authors have been writing many ghost stories in the magazine. Some of the selected stories were published in this compilation and written by various prominent authors. The ebook pdf has 27 stories, 148 pages, 6.5mb high quality pdf size.
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