Khuner Sankhya by Kabita Singha digital book

Khuner Sankhya by Kabita Singha

Khuner Sankhya by Kabita Singha Bangla digital book.
In the third decade of the twentieth century some creative people appeared on the ground to illuminate Bengal, Kabita singh was one of them. She was an exceptional woman, she was renowned short story writer, novelist, poet and journalist. Her thinking, perception, activities, clothes, lifestyle, profession, she was truly a modern woman in her overall life. Kabita has been described as one of the creator of the feminist writing in Bengali. She was mainly a poet, although was a very strong short story writer and novelist. Wrote a remarkable book 'Ekti Kharap Meyer Galpo' which readers can collect from this post. Today sharable book of her writing Khuner Sankhya as pdf. The ebook pdf has 151 quality pages with 8mb pdf size.
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