Upanishader Upadesh by Sri Kokileshwar Bhattacharya ebook pdf

Upanishader Upadesh by Sri Kokileshwar Bhattacharya

Upanishader Upadesh (Koth O Mundak) by Sri Kokileshwar Bhattacharya Bangla ebook pdf
'Upanishad' is a special set of scriptures of Hinduism, the books have been discussed theoretical foundations of Hinduism. Other name of Upanishad is Vedanta. Today sharable book is Upanishader Upadesh and the book has detailed explanation in foreword about Adwaitabad and Mayabad in Bengali. Written by Sri Kokileshwar Bhattacharya who is the examiner of Calcutta University.  PDF has 407 pages with 12mb size.
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