Bhuture Kanda by Rabidas Saharoy bhuter golpo pdf

Bhuture Kanda by Rabidas Saharoy ebook

Bhuture Kanda by Rabidas Saharoy bhuter golpo pdf file
Are you afraid of ghosts? No matter how much you get scared, your curiosity is surely to a ghost. There is a joy in fear and there is a great feeling. Today I'll share a book about the phantom activity- Bhuture Kanda which has written by Rabidas Saharoy who won two times Shishu Sahitya national award. The ebook has 80 pages with 4mb dfile size. Reader could collect the Bangla book from link below.
There are six phantom stories in this book, these are-
1. Marar Matha Kotha Bale (The head of the dead man is talk)
2. Bhoot Tarano Ojha (Shaman of ghost scurry)
3. Raat Tokhan Barota (Twelve in the night)
4. Tritio Swaol (Third question)
5. Saheb Bhooter Galpo (The story of saheb Bhut)
6. Rail Laiyeener Bhut (The phantom of rail track)
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