Kashidasi Mahabharat download ebook pdf

Kashidasi Mahabharat ebook pdf
Kashidasi Mahabharat download ebook pdf file.
Mahabharat is great epic of Hindu religion people and it is mentioned as 'lakho Sloki' in other words, one lakh sum of verse composition. Indeed, there are more than one million verse in the epic. There is no epic in the world which could not gain so much as a massive Mahabharat. Its main content is struggle between Kaurava and Pandav or battle of Kurukshetra and detail about eighteen days of war. Kabi Kasiram Das was a poet in seventeenth-century. His composed 'Bharat Panchali' or 'Kashiram-anthology' which nowadays known as Bengali 'Mahabharat' (Kashidasi Mahabharat). The ebook pdf has 770 pages with 62mb file size.
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