Bikhyato Jolodasyu-Kahini Anubad ebook pdf

Bikhyato Jolodasyu-Kahini ebook

Bikhyato Jolodasyu-Kahini Anubad ebook pdf file
All readers love to read the stories of Raiders. And we read the story about the robber, thief, raiders with interest and comes up a lot image of the society of that time which is not found in history books.Today I'll share with you a book of 'Bikhyato Jolodasyu-Kahini'. This is the latest story of a group of robbers. It should not be called robber. If the name it seems to be the story of any crime. Rather it be called pirate story. It was a noble purpose behind it. Read the story, the ebook has 115 pages with 6mb file size and translated into Bangla by Biru Chattopadhyay.
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