Pahari Lolona by Kasem Bin Abubakar pdf book download

Pahari Lolona by Kasem Bin Abubakar ebook

Pahari Lolona by Kasem Bin Abubakar Bangla pdf book download
This new amazing novel 'Pahari Lolona' is written by Kasem Bin Abubakar. The heroine of this novel is a young hill girl in the north of Sylhet. Although the heroine was born in a family of Dhaka but mock of luck, she was brought up as a daughter of a hill chief. Until her death, she could not find his true identity. The hero is a son of devout business magnate in Dhaka. He is an Artist and he was introduced to the heroine on the hill. The ebook pdf has 115 pages with 5mb file size.
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