Aditir Upakhyan by Prafulla Roy Bangla Novel pdf

Aditir Upakhyan by Prafulla Roy ebook

Aditir Upakhyan by Prafulla Roy Bangla Novel pdf file
This great Indian writer has enriched Bangla literature by his outstanding writings. He is immortal to us for his -life related to the refugees writings. The novels that have been written in the life of refugees, these are- Keya Patar Nouko, Satodharai Boye Jai, Uttal Samoyer Itikatha, Nona Jol Mithe Mati. He also wrote novel on many other subjects. these novels are- Pratidhwani, Aguner Kachhakachhi, Mondo Meyer Upakhyan, Jagat Sansar, Kinnari, Manusher Juddha, Swarger Ek Basinda, Prithibir Shesh Station, Abishkar, Ranosajja, Rathajatra, Pitribhumi, Sindhuparer Pakhi etc. Today's sharable novel of this author- 'Aditir Upakhyan'. Readers can collect this book as a pdf file from link below. The pdf has 149 pages, 10mb file size.
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