Inside R.A.W. by Ashoka Raina- Bangla translated ebook

Inside R.A.W. by Ashoka Raina Bangla pdf

Inside R.A.W. by Ashoka Raina- Bangla translated ebook pdf
Every country of the world has spy agencies. But some countries have the ability to move in the international arena. In it, some of the counting organizations can build records with successfully of the secret operation. The Indian spy agency- 'R' is an institution. And their biggest achievement in all the successes is "Operation Bangladesh" which operated in 1971. There are many books have been publishingin the world about the spy agency and all of them are as interesting to the readers. Because everyone have interested to known about the mysteries of the spies and unknown things. Indian journalist Ashoka Rayna wrote the book 'Inside R.A.W.' Story of India's Secret Service which about the unknown section of Indian spy agency. This is an interesting book. The book is publish in English and it has translated into Bangla by Abu Rushad. The ebook has 146 quality pages, 19mb file size. This book- 'Inside R.A.W. by Ashoka Raina' is the first published document on history and action of Indian Secret Service.
The ebook Courtesy by- Mamunsha Bogra, boierhat facebook group.
Bangla translated ebook- Inside R.A.W. by Ashoka Raina pdf collection Bangla ebook from google drive


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