Annadata by Krishan Chandra Bangla book

Annadata by Krishan Chandra

Annadata by Krishan Chandra Bangla book pdf
Famous author Krishan Chandra, he wrote the novel- 'Annadata' which is written about the Great Famine of 1943. On the way to Calcutta, there was malnourished children and their mothers are crying 'Give me some fan (rice wash water)'. The author Krishan Chandra was strongly influenced by that infamous famine. There is this story 'how people have died by famine, even ants and rats do not die like that'. This book is not only about hunger and starvation but also about life.
The love story of the Jellapalli's nymph from the sea with a sitar player. When readers starts to read this little book, finish the story their unknowingly. Collect the Bangla translated story book as pdf file. The pdf has 65 HQ pages, 3mb file size.
Bangla book 'Annadata by Krishan Chandra' collect the pdf Bangla ebook from google drive


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