Krishna-Arjun Sambad by Dipak Chandra Bangla myth novel pdf

Krishna-Arjun Sambad by Dr. Dipak Chandra Bangla myth novel pdf file.
ebook name- Krishna-Arjun Sambad, a historical novel
Author- Dr. Dipak Chandra
Document type- pdf
Pages- 108
File size- 7mb
Quality- best
Krishna-Arjun Sambad by Dipak Chandra

At the turn of the Bharat War, before the start of the war in Kurukshetra and at the time of a crisis of human fate then Sri Krishna has submited a long theoretical and philosopher speech in the ground of Kurukshetra. There have been many philosophical discussions in the study of many languages of the world of that said speech. But the Gita is just a philosophy book. If there is no literary value of Gita, But why it is included in the epic? Gita is literary before the after it is philosophy. But the cloud of philosophy is covered its literature. Gita like is a isolated  island in the entire Mahabharata. Read continue..from the pdf. It is a wonderful  which is written by Dr. Dipak Chandra. The pdf has 108 pages, 7mb file size, the ebook courtesy by Mamunsha Bogra.
Bangla myth novel 'Krishna-Arjun Sambad by Dipak Chandra', collect the pdf Bangla ebook from google drive
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