Shunyer Udyan by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay Bangla novel pdf

Shunyer Udyan by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay Bangla novel pdf file
ebook name- Shunyer Udyan, a novel
Author- Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay
Document type- pdf
Pages- 146
File size- 8mb
Quality- best
Shunyer Udyan by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay

'Shunyer Udyan' is a classic family novel by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay. He wrote huge novel in Bengali language for teenager and adult person. His writing famous books are- 'Adim, Ivo O Andhokar', 'Bholobasa', 'Phul Chor', 'Nor Narir kotha', 'Pidimer alo', 'Durbin', 'Chokh', 'Jao Pakhi', 'Parthib', 'Kapurush', 'Sei Ami', 'Bangalir Amerika Darshan', 'Gati', 'Din Jay', 'Ghun Poka', 'Rangin Sako', 'Guha Manab', 'Jugal Bandi', 'Fazal Ali Asechhe', 'Ekadashir Bhut', 'Lal Nil Manush', 'Dwitiyo Sattar Sandhane', 'Nicher Lok Uporer Lok', 'Santaru O Jolokanya' etc. Now I want to share an another popular novel of this author- 'Shunyer Udyan by Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay', the pdf has 146 quality pages, 8mb file size. Collect this extraordinary novel as pdf file from link below.
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