Philadelphia Rahasya by Paritosh Majumdar Sci-fi story book pdf

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Philadelphia Rahasya by Paritosh Majumdar Sci-fi story book pdf file
Digital Book- 'Philadelphia Rahasya'
Author- Paritosh Majumdar
Type- mysterious story book
Pages- 109
File size- 7mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Philadelphia Rahasya by Paritosh Majumdar

Science has shaped many of our imaginations in reality. But there is no end of our imagination. All of us want to be invisible at least once in life. This ancient desire of man is a great challenge to the scientists. Especially if this invisibility can be used during the war, it can be kept safe from the enemy's hand, like themselves or fight aircraft or warships, likewise the enemy can be attacked suddenly by disappearing. America did such a terrible experiment? Has they succeeded to disappear a ship? What is the outcome? How much Einstein involved with this incident? All the information can be found in this book.
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