Madhyarater Manush by Sunil Gangapadhyay Bangla Galper Boi pdf

Madhyarater Manush by Sunil Gangapadhyay Bangla Galper Boi pdf file.
Digital Book- 'Uranchandi'
Author- Sunil Gangapadhyay
Type- Golper Boi
Pages- 143
File size- 8mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Madhyarater Manush by Sunil Gangapadhyay

'Madhyarater Manush' it is another famous Bengali story book of Sunil Gangapadhyay. This author is one of the most popular writers of modern Bengali literature and one of the leading poet of modern Bangla poetry after Jibanananda. Bengali readers know to him as modern and romantic novelist, short story writer. He has made a place in the mind of literary thirsty people forever. This author has written more than two hundred books in the long 78 years of his life. Each of his think creation is unique and remarkable. Notable books are- 'Elokeshi Ashram', 'Buker Modhye Agun',  'Uranchandi', 'Andhar Rater Atithi', 'Mahaprithibi', 'Samudratire', 'Tumi Ke', 'Madhumoy', 'Patidandi', 'Raktamansa', 'Dui Nari', 'Sonali Din', 'Bandhubandhab', 'Gabhirgopon', 'Ardhek Jiban', 'Sei Samoy', 'Bhanu O Ranu', 'Raka', 'Moner Manush', 'Kendrabindu', 'Nil Manush' etc.
Now I want to share his another creation- 'Madhyarater Manush' in pdf file.
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