Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut Bangla pdf book

Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut Bangla pdf ebook
Digital Book- 'Uddharanpurer Ghat'
Author- Kalikananda Abadhut
Pages- 195
File size- 10mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Uddharanpurer Ghat by Abadhut
'Uddharanpurer Ghat' is a Bengali novel written by sannyasi novelist, Abadhut (Kalikananda). He was a prominent Indian Bengali novelist and Tantra Sadhak. His real name is Dulalchandra Mukhopadhyay but in his Sannyas life, he accepted the name Kalikananda Abadhut. This author wrote several books under this pseudonym 'Abadhut'. In 1954, he achieved fame by writing the novel 'Murutirtha Hinglaj' and a popular movie is also based on this novel. His other famous book 'Uddharanpurer Ghat' in 1960.
There is some list of his notable works- 'Hinglajer Pore', 'Bashikaran', 'Tahar Dui Tara', 'Cream', 'Piyaree', 'Bahubrihi', 'Bhorer Godhuli', 'Toppa Thungri', 'Bhumika Lipi Purbobat', 'Kan Pete Roi', 'Tumi Bhul Korechhile', 'Anahato Ahuti', 'Swamighatini', 'Fakkartantam', 'Durgam Pontha', 'Nilkantha Himaloy', 'Mon Mane Na', 'Sachcha Darbar', 'Uttar Ram Charit', 'Sumeru Kumeru', 'Ekti Meyer Atmakahini'. Now I want to share a popular book of this author- 'Uddharanpurer Ghat' This novel can called as the epic of the crematory.
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