Janmadag by Samaresh Majumdar Bangla novel pdf

Janmadag by Samaresh Majumdar Bangla novel pdf file.
Book name- 'Janmadag'
Author- Samaresh Majumdar
Document type- pdf
Pages- 224
File size- 14mb
Quality- best, without watermark

Janmadag by Samaresh Majumdar

Samaresh Majumder is famous for his powerful female character in his novel. There are also women character in this novel - not one, more characters. Lady Konica Chatterjee. Glamorous women. Born in a landlord family of Birbhum. She burned many younger by her beauty-fire from his teenage years. Her own body used to be happy. When she came to read the MBA in Delhi, then she attracted by Kamalesh who the owner of the company 'Chatterjee and Chatterjee' Co. Kamalesh is an educated but silly man. And Amalesh was forced to marry with Konica.
Chatterjee couple's babe Kaveri. But Kaveri was born with his father's ugly and black skin. She could not bear the girl like Amalesh. And she sent the girl to the distant boarding school. Then in America.
Meanwhile, Sir Amal has died. The huge property is now in the hand of her (Konica). Without completing the study in America, Kaveri married a Punjabi boy Harpreet. They have children. But Harpreet had a greed for white skin so Kaveri divorced to him. Kaveri returned to the mother. Huge industrial empire is still going on with her declining beauty and merit. But Katra's daughter Trina, she he is very rowdy from an early age like Konica. Trina got involved with the drug cycle.
Lady Chatterjee can see that she has increased the business twenty-five times after the husband's death but she could not make any succession. And Trina is losing company's respect.
This novel 'Janmadag' is about the happiness and sadness of these three generations of women.
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