Ros by Narendra Nath Mitra Bangla Galper Boi PDF

Ros by Narendra Nath Mitra Bangla Galper Boi PDF file
Book name- 'Ross' (রস)
Author- Narendra Nath Mitra
Document type- pdf
Pages- 29
File size- 1mb
Quality- HQ, without watermark

Ros by Narendra Nath Mitra

'Ros by Narendra Nath Mitra', in the story of 'Ross' there is emerged the picture of the livelihood of the underprivileged Muslim society at that time and also reflect their dreams of life, promise-deception and crisis-shyness and faith-disbelief. How do People dominate the demand of life and youth and different techniques to meet the needs, we got a picture of its from the story. This complex social story has written by Narendra Nath Mitra.
This author is one of the best story-teller among of those who are well-versed in Bengali short stories after Rabindranath. Now I want to share a famous story book of his written- Ros in a pdf. Many stories, TV serials and film have been created with this story. The Hindi film 'Saudagar' has created by this story.
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