Sabuj Nakhshatra by Syed Mustafa Siraj Bangla Upanyas pdf

Sabuj Nakhshatra by Syed Mustafa Siraj Bangla Upanyas pdf file
Digital Book- 'Sabuj Nakhshatra'
Author- Syed Mustafa Siraj
Pages- 165
File size- 9mb
Quality- best, no watermark

Sabuj Nakhshatra by Syed Mustafa Siraj
Syed Mustafa Siraj was a storyteller of exceptional life. He loved nature and was a nature-seeker. The author wanted to avoid the artificial complex world. Like to introduce himself as a 'Baktabyajibi Lekhak' in Bengali literature but he is a profound Jibonbadi (positive thoughts about life)and sensual writer. In the sixties Syed Mustafa Siraj came up with a flock of new writers in Bengali literature. From the diverse experience of life, he brought up by the story of the life of marginalized people of rural Bangla. Siraj's writing novel has a myth embrace of real life- a light-gloomy shadow, a magic of glowing dream of the night sky. One of his greatest novel is 'Alik Manush' . This author has a prominent place in Bengali literature as a short story writer. His all time best novels are- 'Nilgharer Nati' (1966), 'Hijalkanya' (1967), 'Tritobhumi' (1970), 'Mayamridanga' (1972), 'Uttar Janhabi' (1974), Niloy Na Jani (1976), 'Nishiddha Prantar', 'Nishiddha Aranya', 'Sonar Thakur',  'Niloy Najani', 'Ekhon Andhakar', 'Sabuj Nakhstra', 'Keno Bhalobasa?', 'Aroop Ratan', 'Alik Manush' 'Basanta Rater Jhor', 'Tomar Basantadine' etc. Now I want to share another best novel of his writing - 'Sabuj Nakhshatra' as pdf file.
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