Tar Chokher Taray by Sayek Aman ebook pdf

 Tar Chokher Taray by Sayek Aman, Bengali Thriller ebook pdf


Tar Chokher Taray by Sayek Aman ebook

Once you start reading the story, it is not possible to leave. Originally a horror thriller. A mystery from the very beginning of the book is able to bind the reader. The gathering of many characters and everyone is important.
A very beautiful plot. Greatly arranged characters.

Some of the things in this story are very interesting.
1. The ever-active sisterhood between the main detective character of the story and his assistant. Its representation was really needed.
2.  Easy-to-digest, fluent and perfect external description of each place and character.
3.  The method of investigation of the heroine.

Book name-'Tar Chokher Taray' (তার চোখের তারায়)
Writer- Sayek Aman
Book type-  Thriller
File type- pdf
Pages- 325
Size- 18mb
Quality- good.
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