Narak Sanket (নরক সংকেত) by Debarati Mukhopadhyay pdf

 Narak Sanket (নরক সংকেত) by Debarati Mukhopadhyay pdf

Narak Sanket (নরক সংকেত) by Debarati Mukhopadhyay

Written in a European background, this second thriller novel in the Rudra-Priyam series depicts terrorism in an international context, parallel to the refugee problem in the Middle East, and Germany's post-World War I political and colonial devastation. An important part of the novel is the dawn of Hitler's political career and the application of an outdated ancient theory that turned society upside down. Some of the most controversial doctrines of modern gene therapy with Hitler-ruled Germany's historical documents, the prevalent cryptography of the First World War and the parallel historical thriller 'Narak Sanket' in this suffocating scientific context have advanced into the life of a newlywed Bengali couple.

Book name- 'Narak Sanket' (নরক সংকেত)
Writer- Debarati Mukhopadhyay (দেবারতি মুখোপাধ্যায়)
File type- pdf
Book type- Thriller
Pages- 281
Size- 14mb
Quality- good

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