Mayurakshi, Tumi Dile by Harsh Dutta ebook pdf download

Mayurakshi Tumi Dile by Harsh Dutta ebook

Mayurakshi, Tumi Dile by Harsh Dutta Bangla ebook pdf download
Mayurakshi the name of a river, but here it a girl's name who is corky Like a river. Mayurakshi curious, she's independent and eccentric. And the novel is the crop of her waywardness. The story starts with Mayurakshi, Sunit, Hayat and Chayan in Mirpur trip. There was quite nice days and All had been possessed with Mayurakshi's madness. But the accident happened, it was time to return! Hayat and Chayan died a terrible car accident. Sunil and Mayurakshi was alive, however, for a while Mayurakshi lost his language. After Language returned Mayurakshi told that she pregnant! Who is the father of her child? Sunita thought that he will marry to she. What will happen to his expectations? What happens next Mayurakshi and her child? Read the book.
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