Tumi Madhu Manjori by Pratibha Bose free ebook pdf

Tumi Madhu Manjori by Pratibha Bose ebook

Tumi Madhu Manjori by Pratibha Bose Bangla free ebook pdf
Pratibha Bose (born on March 13, 1915 - died on October 13, 2006) was an eminent ledy Bengali novelist, fiction writer and essayist. In the family sources she was famous Bengali author Buddhadeb Basu's wife. Most of her written books were get commercial success. Several novels of her became filming and received widespread success. Now readers could collect a novel of her written, name- 'Tumi Madhu Manjori' there are three stories in the book, these are Megher Pore Megh, Monolina, Nirer Pakhi. The ebook has 286 quality pages with 22mb pdf size.
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