Manami by Narayan Sanyal Bangla Galper Boi pdf

Manami by Narayan Sanyal Bangla Galper Boi pdf file
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Author- Adrish Bardhan
Book Type- Bangla Galper Boi
Pages- 133
File size- 11mb
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Manami by Narayan Sanyal
Among the modern writers, author Narayan Sanyal is very popular to a group of readers. The popularity is because of his unique writing, diversity of topics and the ability to touch the reader's emotion. He created an interesting detective character 'Sherlock Hebo' in the late sixties. His written notable novels are- 'Achchhedyo Bandhan', 'Rupomanjari', 'Antarnila', 'Abak Prithibi', 'Aranya Dandak', 'Ananda-Swarupini', 'Amropali', 'Aloknanda', ' Emonta To Hoyei Thake' etc.
The book 'Manami' was written in the sixties. There are two books were written in the same time, 'Manami' and 'Alakna'. In the frame of autobiography. That is to say the author is the only audience, characters have said their own statements. The author has just taken the 'dictation'.
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