Nishipadma by Probodh Kumar Sanyal Bangla book pdf

Nishipadma by Probodh Kumar Sanyal Bangla book pdf file
Digital Book- Nishipadma
Author- Probodh Kumar Sanyal
Book Type- Bangla short stories collection
Pages- 180
File size- 6mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Nishipadma by Probodh Kumar Sanyal

'Nishipadma' is a stories collection book of short story, there are eight stories in this book. The short describtion of these stories are given below-
'Nishipadma' this story is about a characterless woman's fantasy  and falsehood.
'Narayan' the theme of this story is describe the character of a miser and savings girl.
'Gabhir' Only one night events of a teenage chapman's life. He saved the glory and the rest of his life through the great pleasure and pain that night, that story.
'Prasadhan' this story is about a Past-Youth and illuminated gentle lady's make- up and motivation
'Chhandopatan' the story about the conflict and disgrace between two popular wives and men with the so-called moral sense of social and reformed people.
'Marmmokamana' a oppressed woman's anxiety to the thirst of a beautiful and noble life- the idea of this story.
'Kankal' Ancestor was the aristocratic, what is the remains in this generation? And not how much- that is the resort of this story.
'Batas Dilo Dol' a rented house. The tenant comes and goes away. A tenant leave a sport in the mind of a widowed teenager. Romance emotions of the faint girl's- the content of this story.
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