Pata Paharir Bono Debota by Nilrohit Bangla Boi pdf

Pata Paharir Bono Debota by Nilrohit Bangla Boi pdf file
Digital Book- Pata Paharir Bono Debota
Author- Nilrohit
Pages- 52 (double page)
File size- 2mb
Quality- best, no watermark
Pata Paharir Bono Debota by Nilrohit

Nilrohit is literary Sunil Gangopadhyay's pseudonym. Author has been able to create his own individuality through this pseudonym/pen name. Nilrohit is central character in all the stories of Nilolohit series. The character tells the story like it is an autobiography of himself. Nilrohit's age is seventeen in all the stories. He do not exceed 27 years old. There are various stories show that Nilrohit is a permanent unemployed. If he do any job but does not last long. He has mother, elder brother and elder brother's wife in his family. A place named Dikshunyapur is heard in one of the many story of Nilolohit. There are many educated successful people but they are apathetic about life and live alone. Now I want to share a story book 'PataPaharir BonoDebota by Nilrohit' as pdf file.
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