Peekskill U.S.A by Howard Fast - Bangla translated ebook

Peekskill U.S.A by Howard Fast - Bangla translated ebook pdf
Digital Book- Peekskill U.S.A by Howard Fast, translated
Author- Howard Fast
Translated by- Anish Deb
Pages- 118
File size- 8mb
Quality- best, no watermark

Peekskill U.S.A by Howard Fast

How did Paul Ribson get involved with 'Pikeskill' which is known from the article of playwright Lufthane Mitchell. The article was first published in 'Equity' magazine. Later, it was reprint on 'New York Times' on  Sunday, August 6, 1972.
Right after Pikeskill's police riot, all the concert halls and chamber doors are closed to Paul Rybson. Apart from this, if any organization are organize Ribson's program they were scared. The matter became more nude in the 1950's. A group of Harlem members had organized Ribson's concert. Many celebrities have agreed to join the ceremony. But the powerful person in the entertainment world told them "Do not go to that ceremony, the residents who attended that event many of them had to be punished for the reason of 'seditious', 'treacherous'. There have been many other such incidents later. Collect the book as pdf file. The book translated into Bengali by Anish Deb.
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