Madhyrater Abhisar by Suman Chowdhury PDF

 Madhyrater Abhisar by Suman Chowdhury, Adult story book PDF
মধ্যরাতের অভিসার – সুমন চৌধুরী


Madhyrater Abhisar by Suman Chowdhury PDF

'Helen Pais' is an outstanding beauty who was very popular during the Second World War. She attracted many men and social life. One after one thrilling event began. A terrible story of satisfying the desire for revenge and biological desire. Collect the book and enjoy the story for adult readers.

Book name- 'Madhyrater Abhisar'
Author- Suman Chowdhury
Book type- 18+ Adult book
File type- pdf
Pages- 222
Size- 10mb
Quality- best.
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