Rakter Nesha by Suman Chowdhury PDF

 Rakter Nesha by Suman Chowdhury PDF
রক্তের নেশা - সুমন চৌধুরী

Rakter Nesha (রক্তের নেশা) by Suman Chowdhury

This book is strictly for adult readers.
John Webb's beloved sister 'Gartha' was raped and killed by assassins and she said before died - the names of the assassins. The elder brother went out to take revenge.
A few strange characters have gone crazy in the intoxication of revenge! Read the thriller story- 'Rakter Nesha' (রক্তের নেশা).

Book name- 'Rakter Nesha'
Author- Suman Chowdhury
Book type- 18+ Adult book
File type- pdf
Pages- 172
Size- 8mb
Quality- best.
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